Kuro no Senki - Volume 1 Illustrations

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Layla (Cover)

Shaela, Elena, Chrono, Tilia, Layla

Tilia (Ch 1, Vol 1, LN)

Layla (Ch 2, Vol 1, LN)

Mino & Chrono (Ch 1, Vol 1, LN)

Layla & Chrono (Ch 1, Vol 1, LN)

Layla (Ch 3, Vol 1, LN)

Tilia (Ch 3, Vol 1, LN)

Shaela (Ch 4, Vol 1, LN)

Elaine (Ch 5, Vol 1, LN)



Chrono's War Record Illustrations, Kurono's War Record Illustrations, Record of Kurono's War: It seems that I, who have moved to another world, am the strongest only in bed Illustrations, クロの戦記 Illustrations

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